Store Closing Announcement

Kyoto Design House will permanently close its doors on February 27th, 2018 (Tues.) to allow for construction and office expansion within the NIWAKA building. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers and fans for helping us support Kyoto’s craft community for thirteen years. Your support has helped ensure that many artisans can continue their amazing work well into the future while preserving Kyoto’s history and traditions.

Modern Japanese Gifts


Some artisans whose works are available at Kyoto Design House graciously opened their workshops and homes to grant us the privilege of sharing their amazing talents with the world. By observing their techniques and hearing the artisans’ voices, you can appreciate their completed works even more as your special Japanese gift becomes a unique link that forever ties you to its creator.

Kirikane Gold Leaf Card Case
Hair-thin strands of gold leaf are carefully applied to create decorative card cases.
Handmade Kyoto Saga Mask
Father and son create expressive masks like those originally used for kyōgen theatre in the Saga area of Kyoto.
Platinum-coated Kyoto Ceramics
Crafted by a Kyoto family, one side is painted with traditional artwork while the other is coated in liquid platinum.
Hand-painted Shikebiki Scarf
Using a technique developed for dyeing kimono fabric, specialized brushes are used to paint silk scarves by hand.