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Yamabato Soy Sauce Servers

Handcrafted turtledove soy sauce holders made in Kyoto looking at each other with loveEach beautiful soy sauce server is molded using traditional methods and hand-painted by a loving Kyoto couple. The servers are shaped into a kind of turtle dove known as yamabato. Said to mate for life, these birds are often used as symbols of love and devotion in Japan. Featuring red or blue accent colors, you can choose your favorite or create a set of two love birds nestled in a special gift box. Perfect for wedding gifts, anniversaries, and families, let these doves help you enjoy special moments with your loved ones.

A Kyoto husband and wife that make handcrafted Japanese ceramics together

About the Artisans

These yamabato soy sauce servers are shaped in molds and hand-painted by a lovely couple who live in the mountains of northern Kyoto. Through their exquisite pieces we are able to appreciate their long-standing dedication to their craft and to each other. Because turtle doves are a symbol of companionship and devotion in Japan, the couple recommends these dove-shaped holders as presents for newly-weds and long-married couples alike.

A Japanese craftsman shows unglazed ceramics compared next to finished pieces

Crafted Together

The gabai-komi molds used to create the soy sauce servers are hand-made by the husband. According to the gabai-komi method, he pours liquid plaster into the molds, waits for the plaster to settle, and then removes the remaining liquid. The name of this method comes from the “gaba” sound made by the liquid as it is poured out of the mold. The remaining plaster is dried to completion and removed from the mold. The wife then carefully hand-paints the delicate dove feathers to add a finishing touch.

Easy to use, handcrafted Japanese soy sauce servers for kitchen and dining

Enjoying Your Soy Sauce Servers

Pair these soy sauce servers with your favorite sushi, sashimi, or harumaki spring rolls. You can also use the servers for olive oil, vinegar, chili oil, or your other favorite condiments. Delicate grooves along the bird’s neck and back allow for smooth flow and air circulation while pouring.