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Traditionally Woven Banshū Scarves

A collection of beautiful Japanese woven scarvesThe traditional banshū weaving method is renowned for its high quality, steadfast colors, and wonderfully comfortable feel. With different scarf styles, multiple ways to wear, and several brilliant colors, these Japanese scarves are sure to be an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

A black and white scarf with red trim looks like a Japanese crane

History of Banshū Fabrics

The banshū method of weaving was developed over 200 years ago in nearby Hyogo prefecture. The excellent quality of the fabrics was known to rival even those in Kyoto, the heart of Japan’s gorgeous, high-quality, traditional textiles. These traditionally-woven banshū fabrics continue to be highly sought after today for use by small Japanese designers and famous international brand names alike.

A collection of Japanese scarves showing quality of weave and beauty of color

Banshū Fabric Production

In the banshū technique, individual threads are all dyed before being woven into wonderful patterns and textures. It is believed that this method results in softer, more comfortable fabric and colors that are less likely to fade with time than those that are dyed after the weaving process. Thanks to these qualities, you can enjoy your comfortable, richly-colored scarves for years to come!

A crimson red Japanese scarf wrapped around to show color variation

Wearing Banshū Scarves

Different material blends are available, such as a wool blend for colder weather and cotton gauze for milder weather. Those seeking intense volume and hue gradation may be interested in the 2-way scarves like the one seen below. By separating the layers of cotton-gauze, the scarves can also be worn as infinity-style snoods that boast volume and flowing color gradation.

A blue Japanese snood with volume and color gradation