Modern Japanese Gifts

“The Sakazuki” Sake Vessel Series

Silver and blue Japanese ceramics with handpainted motifs and a platinum finishMerging traditional and modern, one side features hand-painted Japanese landscapes while the other side is coated in liquid platinum. The pieces represent Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki, the highest forms of Kyoto ceramic arts, respected for their exquisite quality and beauty. Fostering modern creativity while preserving traditional methods, this series is a wonderful reflection of the spirit of Kyoto.

Handcrafted Japanese ceramic tumbler cups created by a Kyoto family

A Family Collaboration

This gorgeous collection represents a family collaboration. The wife designs the creative items, the husband sculpts and fires the pieces, and their daughter paints on the exquisite details. Their individual talents and familial cooperation can be seen in each final product.

Japanese ceramic pieces with traditional motifs will next be painted with liquid platinum accents

A Kyoto artisan paints a liquid platinum finish on a handcrafted ceramic cup

Beautiful Inside and Out

Hand-painted by the daughter, each piece features a platinum finish on one side and lovely sansui landscape paintings on the other. The liquid platinum must be painted on evenly and in just the right proportions. Too thin and the piece will not achieve its signature glossy finish; too thick and it runs the risk of leaving burn marks when fired in the kiln. Every intricate detail of the traditional sansui landscapes is hand-drawn, so no two pieces are exactly alike. The thickness and depth of each brushstroke gives the pieces an original sense of character. We highly recommend selecting pieces in pairs in order to truly appreciate the complementary qualities of the inside and outside paintings.

Elegant one-of-a-kind Japanese ceramics with <em>sansui</em> details and liquid platinum

Enjoying the Collection

Enjoy sake, champagne, beer, tea or your other favorite beverages with a touch of Japanese elegance. We also recommend them as dessert vessels for ice cream, gelato or other scrumptious sweets. Sure to earn admiration from all your guests, collectors of art and pottery can proudly display this series in any dining, kitchen, or interior space.