Store Closing Announcement

Kyoto Design House will permanently close its doors on February 27th, 2018 (Tues.) to allow for construction and office expansion within the NIWAKA building. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers and fans for helping us support Kyoto’s craft community for thirteen years. Your support has helped ensure that many artisans can continue their amazing work well into the future while preserving Kyoto’s history and traditions.

Modern Japanese Gifts

Powdered Soy Sauce

Delicious powdered soy sauce from famous Kyoto company in Kyoto Design House original dishUsing aged ingredients, this delicious powdered soy sauce is a new way to enjoy traditional Japanese flavors. Hints of red pepper and yuzu citrus enhance the depth of the rich, savory seasoning. Perfect for rice, vegetables, meats, and more, let it heighten the natural flavors of your favorite foods. With lightweight packaging that is easier on travelers than liquid varieties, bringing home authentic Japanese flavor is a breeze.

Japanese soy sauce and chopsticks showing a traditional liquid style of soy sauce

Powdered soy sauce from Kyoto in a Japanese motif container

A New Kind of Soy Sauce

For centuries, Japanese soy sauce has been used as a way to preserve and flavor foods. Originally an extremely rare and expensive commodity, this delicious and versatile condiment has grown to become a favorite all over the world. What some foreigners may not realize is that Japan offers various soy sauce varieties designed to pair with certain foods and meet regional preferences. By adjusting variables such as ingredient ratios, sodium content, and fermentation time, the soy sauce flavor, color, and viscosity can be greatly altered to create unique blends. Exploring a radicially different look and texture, this powdered soy sauce is one of the newest members to join the soy sauce family.

Powdered Japanese soy sauce made from aged ingredients and a blend of spices paired with container

About Production

Using traditional fermentation techniques, premium soy sauce is aged for three years in specialized cedar containers. While retaining the uniquely Japanese, savory umami flavors, it is then condensed into powdered form. A mix of yuzu citrus and Japanese red pepper is blended in to add a kick of zest and spice to the traditional aromas and flavors. With a growing Japanese fan base since its acclaimed debut in 2013, this innovative way to enjoy soy sauce retains the robust flavors and high quality of its traditional predecessors.

Powdered soy sauce tastes great with <em>sushi</em> and <em>sashimi</em>

Powdered soy sauce added to rice with seaweed for a delicious Japanese meal

Pairing with Foods

The blend of spices and flavors in this powdered soy sauce matches perfectly with a variety of meats, tofu, vegetables, rice, and other Japanese and Western foods. Use the powder as a salty seasoning for your fried foods such as tempura, karaage chicken, eggs, and french fries. The spices also accentuate the natural flavors of lighter fare like fresh sashimi and sushi. And as unusual as the pairing may seem, sprinkling some on top of vanilla ice cream creates a savory mix of salty and sweet that is sure to intrigue your senses!