Modern Japanese Gifts

“Piperoid” Paper Robots

A collection of colorful do-it-yourself Japanese robots made from paperThe perfect desktop companion, all you need to do is cut and connect paper tubes to make these fun robot friends. With various character designs, everyone can find a robot that speaks to their hobbies and interests. Extremely lightweight and compact, these little robots make excellent Japanese gifts for friends and family back home.

A Japanese rockstar robot made from paper

A Japanese <em>samurai</em> robot and his pet dog made from paper

Meet the Robots

Each paper robot comes with its own unique look and background story, so you can choose your favorites. This aspiring guitarist and his fiesty sidekick are great for music aficionados. Lovers of traditional Japanese culture may find their new best friend in this samurai warrior robot and his puppy pal. Visit Kyoto Design House to get acquainted with your new friends.

Traditional Japanese Colors

While their overall look is quite modern, some of the beautiful colors adorned by the paper robots are based on traditional Japanese colors like those used in kimono fabrics. Incredibly nuanced and sophisticated, the traditional colors juxtaposed with the robots’ sleek design and cheery disposition make for an interesting combination of aesthetics. Here are a few examples:

<em>Ume-nezumi</em>, <em>Jinza-momi</em>, and <em>Kara-kurenai</em> are traditional Japanese colors

Ume-nezumi (梅鼠) combines the characters for “plum” and “mouse” for a muted mauve with grey tones.

Jinza-momi (甚三紅) is a rosy red color originally made from madder root.

Kara-kurenai (韓紅), a bold, reddish pink is created from safflower pigment and was traditionally used in the production of geisha and kabuki makeup.

Fun and easy to assemble paper robot and cat from Japan

Assembling “Piperoid” Robots

Scissors are the only required tool for this enjoyable do-it-yourself Japanese craft. Each long paper tube is marked with lines for cutting and bending. Simply fold, insert, and connect at the predetermined points to skillfully construct your robot friend. Once assembled, these robots can keep you company at your desk.