Modern Japanese Gifts

Original Art Woven Pouches

Unique original art pouches made with famous Nishijin silk from KyotoPerfect for holding small items, accessorize your wardrobe with these durable, convenient, and stylish art pieces. These beautiful pouches represent a collaboration between Kyoto’s famous Nishijin textiles and a small non-profit organization that showcases works created by talented Japanese artists.

A woven pouch with original art depicting Japanese <em>torii</em> gates

A Japanese <em>Shinto</em> shrine gate was the inspiration for one pouch

Showcasing Japanese Artists

Using the non-profit organization as a platform to express their artistic skills, talented artists with disabilities share their creative works with the world. Through their various artistic approaches we get a glimpse of their aesthetic tastes and individual personalities. For example, the motif for the piece shown above is from an artist who often includes intricate and orderly patterns in her works. This particular piece seems to be inspired by the vermillion torii gates that guard the entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines such as those at Fushimi Inari in Kyoto.  Exhibiting subtle elegance, this pattern reminds us of simple, repetitive motifs employed by some of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands.

A unique Japanese woven pouch depicting original art by a Japanese artist

Woven Masterpieces

For over 1,200 years, traditional Nishijin weaving has been used to make some of Kyoto’s most respected and exquisite fabrics, such as luxurious kimono silks. Based on the artists’ original works, the designs on these pouches are woven so intricately that their delicate details may be mistaken for screen prints at first glance.

A Japanese women attaches an artistic pouch to her tote bag as a cellphone case

A Japanese man clips a pouch made with Nishijin fabric to his belt loop

Using the Pouches

Ideal for art enthusiasts and trend setters on the go, these pouches are great for holding personal items such as keys, credit cards, makeup, pills, and more. Additionally, many cellphones, glasses, and camera models perfectly fit into these pouches. Connected with metal clasps, the leather strap can be carried, attached to other bags or belt loops, or even removed at your convenience.