Modern Japanese Gifts

Kimono Fabric Glassmarkers

A set of handcrafted Japanese <em>kimono</em> fabric glassmarkers, wine glass, and gold coasterThese award-winning Kyoto-made glassmarkers are the perfect way to keep track of your drink at dinner parties, wine parties, holidays and more. Made with Kyoto kimono fabrics and accented with traditional gold foil techniques, they are the perfect way to add a touch of traditional Kyoto craftsmanship and design to your special events.

Two women toasting with handcrafted Japanese <em>kimono</em> fabric markers around champagne glasses

Using Glassmarkers

Say goodbye to setting your drink down at a party only to later forget where you placed it. Each member at your get-together can choose their own unique Japanese design to use for the evening. A nearly invisible slit in the ring-shaped marker allows it to be placed on a glass stem with ease. Once placed, the design of the marker prevents it from slipping off the stem. Lightweight and easy to transport in their own slim case, take these glassmarkers anywhere to be the life of the party!

A set of colorful wine glassmarkers with various traditional Japanese patterns

 A Father and Son Collaboration

These glassmarkers represent a collaboration of special skills between father and son. With a career spanning over five decades, the father specializes in the art of kinsai. In this traditional Japanese craft, gold or silver foil is bonded decoratively to the surface of other materials such as kimono fabrics. As a designer, the innovative son reimagined his father’s craft in a unique way for modern audiences. Through their efforts, this traditional Japanese craft is passed on for another generation to enjoy.

Gold leaf and brushes used by artisans to traditionally decorate Japanese fabrics

A Kyoto artisan expertly crafts a wine glassmarker with handheld tools

About Production

Traditional kyo-yūzen techniques were used to dye the kimono fabrics. The kinsai specialist father adorns the fabric with decorative gold and silver foil and carefully crafts the pieces. Each is cut from a different part of the kimono fabric, so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Additionally, the long life of the markers is extended by a water-repellant coating on the fabric that assists in preventing stains and color fading.

A gift box with a unique set of handcrafted wine glassmarkers from Japan

Choose Your Favorite Set

In addition to each set of markers having an array of colors, every set boasts a truly unique lineup of hues. For example, a green glassmarker in one set may feature bright lime hues like those used in the vibrant kimono of young apprentice geisha while another may have to soft, jade tones like moss found in traditional Japanese gardens. Viewing the different sets at Kyoto Design House is the best way to appreciate the wide variety of colors and patterns and pick a set that speaks to you.