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Japanese “Ojami” Sitting Cushion

A selection of colorful sitting cushions handcrafted in KyotoThese special Japanese cushions can be used for sitting on tatami mats, Western floors, or as pillows in your home. Using traditional methods, each cushion is handmade in Kyoto by experts at their craft. From earthy, natural hues to bright and lively colors, you are sure to find cushions to match your living space and personality. Let these comfortable and stylish conversation pieces become the highlight of your room.

Traditional Japanese juggling balls inspired the sitting cushion shape

What’s Ojami?

The unique shape and structure of the sitting cushions is thought to resemble traditional Japanese juggling balls. While those in eastern Japan call the juggling balls “otedama,” many Kyoto residents also use the regional word “ojami” to refer to these traditional toys.

Girl uses Japanese cushions in a Western room to relax on the sofa while reading a book about Japanese gardens in Kyoto

Girl uses Japanese sitting cushion to comfortably sit on the floor reading books about Japanese architecture and Kyoto culture

Using Ojami Cushions

With the perfect balance between firm and plush, these cushions can be used to relax whether you have Japanese tatami mats or a Western-style room. Sit down on the floor in Japanese style to enjoy matcha green tea or use it as a pillow on the sofa while reading manga comic books. Not only fun and comfortable, these Japanese cushions are easy on the body and can even be used to promote good posture. In addition to sitting on them, try using the cushions for back, neck, and leg support. When not actively in use, ojami cushions make stylish interior pieces on the floor or as pillows on sofas and beds.

Woman sitting down to relax during meditation time

Find Your Zen

Try using ojami to find your inner peace. Some Japanese sitting cushions are used during Buddhist meditation sessions. It is believed that through meditation one can realize a simple, liberated way of living. With no boundaries on specific religious or philosophical beliefs, these ojami sitting cushions can assist any kind of meditation, prayer session or calming relaxation time.