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Japanese Oil Blotting Paper

A pack of Japanese oil blotting paper sheets featuring original artwork by a Japanese artistA favorite of geisha and kabuki actors since the Edo Period (1603-1868), Japanese oil blotting paper is a highly absorbent, simple, and effective way to remove excess oil and shine. Inspired by Japanese dolls from the same era, graphic designer Masaki Hisatani created the beautiful illustrations for the covers of these Kyoto Design House original booklets. Lightweight, compact, functional, and convenient, let this booklet of oil blotting paper add a touch of traditional Japanese design and contemporary style to your daily life.

Japanese oil blotting paper packs with original artwork by famous Japanese graphic designer

Masaki Hisatani

The lovely images adorning the packages were created by renowned graphic designer and Kyoto Design House artistic director Masaki Hisatani. Mixing traditional Japanese and modern motifs, his award-winning works have been featured at Japanese and international exhibitions since the 1960s. As well as designing beautiful art, Mr. Hisatani plays an active role in selecting the stylish and authentic Japanese items featured at Kyoto Design House.

Traditional dolls from Japan depicting a young child

Original artwork inspired by traditional Japanese dolls

About the Original Art

Mr. Hisatani’s beautiful designs were inspired by Japanese gosho-ningyō dolls. Depicting adorably plump and playful fair-skinned children, these traditional dolls were originally given as gifts within the Japanese Imperial Court and grew to become beloved by all levels of Japanese society. With their cute, chubby little faces, they are also associated with wishing to be blessed with a baby or for the health and prosperity of a child. Perhaps by using oil blotting papers, we too can have fresh, lovable skin just like these gosho-ningyō babies.

Using Japanese Oil Blotting Paper

To use Japanese oil blotting paper, simply take a sheet and gently press it against your skin. Without the need for wiping or scrubbing, the specialized paper will quickly absorb excess oils and reduce shine. For this very reason, Kabuki actors and geisha have long used oil blotting paper to absorb perspiration or touch up their look without fear of smudging their flawless makeup. Excellent for freshening up in the humid Japanese summer, fixing makeup, or managing oil-prone skin, these simple sheets are the perfect aid for men and women of all ages.