Modern Japanese Gifts

Japanese Gold Inlay Card Case

Wooden Japanese business card cases with traditional gold leaf inlayGinkgo and persimmon wood are transformed into elegant cases that perfectly fit to the shape of business cards, creating a stylish and unique accessory. Each piece showcases the natural grain of the wood with an accent of kirikane gold leafing in several different patterns. Every case has its own unique character, and the delicate craftsmanship can be seen by looking at the intricate placement of the hair-thin strands of gold leaf.

Traditional Japanese artisan carefully applying gold leaf to a Buddhist statue

The Traditional Art of Kirikane

Kirikane is a traditional Buddhist art technique of inlaying thin strands of gold leaf onto wooden statues of the Buddha. Over the last one-thousand years, the art has become increasingly rare in line with the overall decline of Buddhist artwork in Japan.

Japanese plum blossom motif with gold leaf shown on light and dark wood card cases

About the Artistsan

The creator of these stunning cases helps to preserve this traditional art form, practiced by very few artisans today. In addition to working with Buddhist art pieces, she has also branched out into making these business card holders to help spread knowledge of the art form and make it accessible in the modern business world.

Wooden card case decorated with gold leaf and Japanese cherry blossom motif

A card case with handcrafted gold leaf motifs shows off the beauty of dark wood

Carefully Crafting the Cases

The gold leaf is cut into hair-thin strands that are then inlayed onto the wooden cases with traditional Japanese nori adhesive. Because the strands of gold are so delicate, the slightest breeze could cause the gold to move and be incorrectly placed, so the artistsan must work in a completely still environment. Each finished piece is a reflection of time, skill, and careful attention to detail.

Gold leaf inlay card case with Japanese business card

Exhanging Japanese business cards with a gold inlay cherry blossom card case

Using the Card Cases

These card cases are great as a place to keep your business cards together and they double as a conversation piece when meeting new acquaintances. Credit cards can be kept as well, ensuring you make a sophisticated and fashionable statement while shopping.