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Japanese Cherry Blossom Dishes

Light pink and white nesting dishes shaped like Japanese cherry blossomsInspired by the delicate colors and shapes of Japanese cherry blossoms, or sakura, this lovely set of four porcelain dishes comes with white and light pink pieces. The small dishes perfectly nest in the small bowls in this creative design and sauces poured into the small bowls also take on the beautiful bloom pattern. Bring the delight of Japanese cherry blossom viewing to your dining table and enjoy a touch of spring with friends and family.

Made-in-Japn cherry blossom shape dishes shown nesting and separate

Unique design Japanese dishes filled with sauces take on cherry blossom shape

Enjoying Your Cherry Blossom Dishes

These versatile dishes are great for tea time sweets, pairing with sushi, or holding jewelry and small trinkets. Due to their unique design, the small bowls form Japanese cherry blossom shapes when filled with soy sauce or other liquids, creating flowers that seem to bloom before your very eyes. The smaller dishes can serve as chopstick rests or be used to hold salts, spices, wasabi or ketchup.

Small and medium Japanese cherry blossom dishes perfect for spices, sauces, salts, and more

Add Japanese Spice to Your Life

Japan offers a plethora of delicious condiments to enhance your dining experience! Use your cherry blossom dishes to try many different Japanese flavors! Here are a few examples to try:

Flavored salts

Salts with interesting flavors such as ume plum, matcha green tea, and yuzu citrus can add a zesty kick to your tempura, karaage fried chicken, french fries and more!


This bold and spicy “seven spice” contains ingredients that include chili pepper, sesame seeds, and citrus. It tastes great with meats, soba or udon noodles, donburi rice dishes, soups, and more, making it a favorite among many Japanese people.

Ponzu sauce

This deliciously tart, citrus-infused, vinegar-based sauce is great as a dip for hot pot dishes, a dressing for Japanese salads, or a sauce for fish and other meats.