Modern Japanese Gifts

Japanese Cherry Blossom Cups

A pair of Japanese cherry blossom crystal glass cups, resting on silver threaded coasters made in KyotoWith their simple design and pastel palette, these elegant crystal cups truly capture the essence of delicate Japanese cherry blossoms. Available in two finishes, clear and frosted, you can choose the set you like best. Each set comes with two colors that reflect the gorgeous spring blossoms. As a finishing touch, the underside of each cup reveals a lovely Japanese cherry blossom design.

The shape and colors of light pink Japanese cherry blossoms inspired the cups

The bottom of these crystal glass cups are shaped like Japanese cherry blossoms

Inspired by Japanese Sakura

Sakura refers to the Japanese cherry tree and its blossoms. With weeping willow-like trees, blossoms with many petals, and blooms ranging from pink to snow white, there are many varieties of Japanese sakura. However, the five-petal cherry blossom featured in this series reigns as one of the most symbolic images of spring in Japan.

A cherry blossom motif is left by the condesation from a Japanese crystal glass cup

Using Cherry Blossom Cups

Integrating well into almost any interior theme, the simple, classic crystal makes these cups perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions. Indulge with Japanese tea, sake, umeshu plum liqueur or any other favorite drink. As a charming bonus, the condensation from a chilled beverage leaves behind the cherry blossom’s signature bloom pattern.

Japanese people enjoying eating and drinking while viewing cherry blossoms

Enjoying a Drink with Cherry Blossoms

Every spring, Japanese cherry blossoms fill Kyoto with fluffy, cotton candy-like blooms. Friends and family gather to enjoy the light pink blossoms and each other’s company. Using the characters for “flower” and “view,” this event is known as hanami. A mat is often set on the ground beneath the branches of the cherry tree while everyone enjoys a picnic complete with green tea, sake, or Japanese beer. Relax with your favorite drink and let these sakura cups remind you of the simple pleasures in life.