Modern Japanese Gifts

Honoka Porcelain Cups

White Japanese porcelain cups and Japanese style gift wrapping gift boxMeaning faint or subtle in Japanese, “Honoka” refers to the soft glow that emanates from translucent sections of these beautiful porcelain cups when held to the light. Created by master artisans, a renowned Japanese pottery company brings us interesting motifs so you can choose your favorites. In addition to everyday use, their sleek design and snow white color make these cups perfect for wedding and anniversary gifts, housewarming parties, bridal showers, and more!

Veritcal and horizontal striped Japanese porcelain cups

Diamond and polk-a-dot motif porcelain white cups

Sculpting Honoka Cups

The cups’ signature translucent motifs are made with what is known in the sculpture world as reliefs. Reliefs are created by carving part of the chosen medium away from the base to create designs that seem to stand out from the background to which they are still attached. Artistic detailings of the Arc de Triomphe, Angkor Wat, and Mount Rushmore are some of the world’s most notable examples. Using related techniques on a smaller scale, the delicate patterns featured in the Honoka cups were carefully sculpted before being fired at extremely high temperatures to create these delicate-looking yet incredibly sturdy pieces.

Porcelain Japanese cups that show off motifs in the light or when paired with a candle flame

Enjoying Honoka Cups

Matching well with a variety of interior spaces, these cups can be used to serve your favorite beverages for any occasion. Try pairing the cups with Japanese drinks such as sake, umeshu or green tea to bring a taste of Japan to your everyday life. Another great way to enjoy Honoka‘s warm glow is to use the cups as candle holders. The light from small candles will shine through the translucent porcelain, creating a soft, welcoming atmosphere for you and loved ones.