Modern Japanese Gifts

Handmade Pair Cups

Collection of colorful handmade ceramic cups made at a famous kiln in KyotoA special selection of handmade cups, these works of art feature unique contours and gorgeous hues. The historic kiln at which they were fired boasts Imperial lineage, entitling each set to adorn the Japanese Imperial family crest. With their one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, each cup holds a special connection to the history, culture, and heart of Japan.

A giftset of two Japanese ceramic cups displaying the Japanese Imperial Family chrysanthemum seal

A Special Connection

These brilliant cups hail from Kyoto’s historic Imperial Omuro Kiln, founded by Emperor Goyōzei in 1646. The kiln’s current retainer is appointed to the Omuro Palace at Ninna-ji Temple and is thus entitled to use the Japanese Imperial family’s chrysanthemum emblem that is featured on each gift box. In addition to their spectacular craftsmanship, this special connection to the Imperial family makes these cups superb gifts for friends, family, or even yourself.

A collection of hand-glazed ceramic cups in various colors from Japan

Traditionally Handcrafted

As each cup is carefully sculpted by ceramic experts, we can see their skill and individual design sense in the textures and contours of each unique piece. The special glazes used to coat the pieces use secret recipes that have been preserved for centuries. No two pieces are exactly the same, so each cup is a true treasure.

A set of two handcrafted Japanese ceramic cups and a gift box make a perfect keepsake from Japan

Enjoying your Cups

The uses for these cups is just as varied as their unique spectrum of colors. They are perfect for sake, Japanese tea, juice, and more. Use them for ice cream treats or as bowls for your favorite snacks. They also make marvelous decorative pieces for any collection.