Modern Japanese Gifts

Gold and Silver Thread Coasters

Japanese porcelain cups surrounded by gold and silver thread coasters from KyotoThe elegance and sophisticated grace of Kyoto is captured in these silver and gold thread coasters. Made by a renowned Kyoto gold leaf company with over 300 years of experience, an intricate web of interwoven threads creates the beautiful, ornate design. The same type of threads are used in luxury kimono and in the production of Kyoto’s famous Nishijin textiles.  Whether decoratively set below sake cups, champagne glasses, or used to display your favorite showpieces, their stunning metallic colors and unique texture are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

A celebratory wine glass accented with a red <em>kimono</em> fabric marker and gold thread coaster

Boxed sets of luxurious silver and gold thread coasters made in Kyoto, Japan

The Perfect Accent

With these coasters as gold and silver accents, your holidays, birthdays, engagement parties, and other special occasions will glimmer like never before! Use them as coasters for wine glasses, sake cups, cocktails, and your other favorite drinks. Decoratively designate the location of dining items such as salt and pepper shakers, soy sauce, cream and sugar containers and more. In addition to use at the dining table, the coasters make wonderful settings for other display items. You can elegantly highlight small figurines, candle holders, decorative plates, and other collectibles around your home.

Japanese gold foil pieces used to make gold thread coasters and in the reconstruction of Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto

A gold thread coaster made by the company that helped reconstruct Kyoto's Golden Pavilion

A Piece of Japanese History

The gold leaf produced by this company was used as part of the reconstruction of Kyoto’s famous Kinkaku-ji Temple in 1955. In 1950, the temple’s glimmering Golden Pavilion was tragically destroyed in a fire set by a troubled young monk. Thanks to the help of this gold leaf company, the shimmering majesty of the pavilion was revived for future generations to enjoy. With these gold and silver thread coasters, you can share a small connection to one of Kyoto’s most stunning and beloved landmarks with your friends and family.