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Gofun Japanese Nail Polish

A collection of Japanese nail polishes made from seashellsThe powder from crushed seashells, or gofun, is used as the base for these beautiful nail colors. Quite gentle on the nails, acetone-based remover is not required for these nearly odorless polishes. Many of the gorgeous polish hues featured at Kyoto Design House are named using traditional Japanese color terminology, giving them a sense of history and elegance.

Seashell powder has been used in paints for traditional Japanese dolls

Gofun Nail Polish History

Established in 1751, the company that produces these nail polishes began making high-quality paints used in traditional arts such as Japanese dolls, temple and shrine wall paintings, and Noh theatre masks. Like many makers of traditional crafts in the current era, they were intrigued by the idea of promoting their quality paints in a fresh way to new generations. They developed gofun-based nail polishes in traditional Japanese colors and encouraged young and old to turn their nails into the canvases of the modern era. Today they are one of the most well-known gofun pigment producters throughout all of Japan.

A close-up of gorgeous nail polish colors from a famous Kyoto company

Created with You in Mind

These nail polishes are perfect for children, pregnant women, and other individuals who wish to avoid strong chemical products. Also, those whose skin or nails have negative reactions to the chemicals used in normal nail polishes  may find the series especially alluring. The polishes are also recommended for individuals who like to change their nail colors often or who require easily removable polish due to work or school restrictions.

Gentle Japanese nail polishes that are easy to apply and remove

Using Gofun Nail Polish

From transluscent, soft colors to rich, bold hues, these nail polishes match perfectly with Japanese kimono or Western outfits. Drying faster than many ordinary polishes, they are perfect for busy individuals. The polish easily and safely comes off with a special gel remover or rubbing alcohol so you can enjoy experimenting with many different Japanese colors.

Hand model shows off beautiful Japanese motif crimson red nail art

Enjoy Japanese Nail Art

From elegant to extravagant, Japanese nail art is known worldwide for making bold and beautiful statements. While some subtle styles feature simple decorations and feminine motifs, other decorative styles feature elaborate patterns, rhinestones, bows, and more! Try using gofun nail polish to create Japanese style nail art that says something unique about your personality!