Store Closing Announcement

Kyoto Design House will permanently close its doors on February 27th, 2018 (Tues.) to allow for construction and office expansion within the NIWAKA building. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers and fans for helping us support Kyoto’s craft community for thirteen years. Your support has helped ensure that many artisans can continue their amazing work well into the future while preserving Kyoto’s history and traditions.

Modern Japanese Gifts

Deer Family Baby Items

A collection of colorful gentle baby items inspired by Japanese deerThe items in this series include a set of five small juggling beanbags, a ball that jingles softly when shaken, and hand towels that are soft and perfect for the whole family. The materials used are gentle on the skin with neutral hues and small bursts of bold color. A mama, papa or baby deer adorns each piece so you can create a happy family of animal friends.

Colorfu juggling balls with embroidered deer made in Japan

Why Deer?

The company that created these cute items is located in neighboring Nara prefecture, famous for its freely-roaming wild deer. This charming series seems to be an homage to these beloved local friends.

Meet the Inspiration for the Series

South of Kyoto, be sure to visit the animals that inspired your adorable baby item collection. Over 1,200 deer, or shika, freely roam around Nara Park, the location of some of Nara’s most famous shrines and temples. According to Japanese folklore, the deer were divine creatures and to take the life of one was once a capital crime. You can buy special shika senbei crackers to feed to the deer, but carefully watch your own items because these deer will eagerly investigate anything they think may be a snack!

Japanese woman feeding freely-roaming deer in Nara Park that inspired this collection

Colorful, gentle baby gifts in silver gift box from Kyoto Design House in Japan

Gifting Deer Family Items

Try bundling a few items to create a unique set that is perfect for a baby shower, gifting to new parents, or delighting your own young ones. The soothing neutral tones matched with intriguing, bright colors are sure to inspire wonderful memories for all those involved in playtime. Japanese style gift wrapping and special silver boxes adorned with Kyoto Design House logos are available so you can create the perfect gift set for special people in your life.