Modern Japanese Gifts

“Blue Wave” Japanese Ceramic Series

Blue and purple glaze Japanese ceramic cups, bowls, and <em>sake</em> accessoriesFeaturing stunning blue and purple hues, this series of handmade tableware comes with several sizes of cups, bowls, and plates as well as a sake rice wine decanter . Each piece is individually handcrafted with great care by the artist so that each has its own unique character.

Japanese <em>sake</em> cup and bowl with blue and purple glaze

Using the Unique Pieces

The series is crafted for daily use, but is not limited to the original purpose. For example, the rice wine decanter can double as a lovely flower vase. The small, shallow dish was imagined as a traditional sake cup, but it is perfect for holding condiments such as salts and spices. As each piece is different, we recommend that you imagine using it after seeing the particular piece that speaks to you.

About the Artist

Genki Manabe was born and raised right here in Kyoto, where he grew up learning the art of ceramic and porcelain crafting. He has been perfecting his craft and developing his individual style since graduating from school where he studied Japanese traditional crafts. Recently his works have been highly celebrated, and he has received several awards.

Close-up of blue and purple glaze handmade Japanese Ceramics

Uniquely Handcrafted

The stunning variation of hues that gives this series its unique character is created by varying thicknesses of glaze as well as subtle variations in temperature during the firing process. As each piece was crafted by hand, you can see the ridges and special indentations in the pieces created while spinning the clay. Because of these features, each piece retains a footprint of the outstanding creation process.

The glaze of these Japanese ceramics looks like the beautiful blue ocean

Inspiring Colors

The wave patterns featured in the cup remind us of a beautiful summer day by the beach. We cannot help but daydream about sitting under an azure sky, watching the ocean waves crash upon the shore as we sip a nice cool beer from the pilsner cup. Let the amazing colors of these gorgeous pieces inspire you to relax and enjoy!